Woodchip export facility

CORTEX RESOURCES PTY LTD and Fletcher Constructions of New Zealand formed a joint venture to design and construct a new shiploading system for Northland Port Corporation at Marsden Point in the North Island of New Zealand. The system includes

The entire conveying system is rated at 1,000 t/h of woodchips (approximately 2,500m3/h). The shiploader is mobile and designed for high sided Panamax vessels. The modular, wharf conveyor and tripper system incorporates easily dismantles skid mounted conveyor units that can be removed from the wharf area to make way for other wharf users. The tail section of the wharf conveyor pivots and can be tucked up against the fixed transfer conveyor to allow free access to the wharf. This allows easy, repeatable alignment of the important transition area between the fixed conveyor chute and the wharf conveyor/tripper